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Liveability is living.

The topic of ‘liveability’ is typically thought of as a scientific or civic concern. In the past, it has only been addressed through a niche lens, often associated with ‘quality of life’ or a particular industry sector, like water management or urban planning and design.

Many contemporary conferences and summits bring people together to discuss ideas in multidimensional and subjective ways—and the challenge here was no different.

A group of passionate stakeholders approached us to devise a world-class liveability summit. One that would attract audiences across diverse corporate, government and academic sectors, as well as the more traditional liveability disciplines, such as infrastructure, water, clean tech, environmental protection, and urban design.

Our response? Born from the idea that ‘Liveability is Living’, we devised an event experience that presented liveability in a holistic way; to reflect how liveability is seen as a factor in how people live out their lives. Namely, what are the optimal emotional, physical, material, social, and well-being conditions that, when combined, foster prosperity in a particular place.

The outcome? A detailed strategy document outlining the State of Living brand and forthcoming summit in its entirety. Our client is now ready to secure key partners and has a detailed road map in hand to build the State of Living brand and associated experiences.

We partnered with local design studio Clear to develop the brand DNA and visual identity.

Strategy and curatorial director Mages Ruiz Diaz
Creative director Emma J Davis
Marketing and engagement strategy Emily Barnes
Brand identity and document designer Matthew McCarthy and team at Clear
Copywriter Marion Piper Creative

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