Melbourne-based event tent legends, Pano Tent Hire (Pano), identified that it was becoming harder to differentiate themselves from competitors. Pano’s human-felt expression, that personality that hailed milestones and sanctified celebration was missing from the company’s existing image and branding. Inspired by a new leadership team, Pano took the opportunity for a timely revision of their identity and as bold empathetic storytellers, DIAZ DAVIS was just the studio to help. 

Pano Tent Hire– Celebrating the great Australian outdoors

Our work with Pano Tent Hire started with a contextual analysis that examined the market, competitors and the events industry as a whole. In the process, we learnt that brands are engaging more and more with customers through events, providing memorable and transformational experiences. 

These insights along with our analysis of Pano’s existing and potential customer base led to our development and articulation of a Brand Purpose. Taking a people-first, design-led approach, the Brand Purpose struck at the core of Pano’s existence – they’re here to transform ordinary spaces into the spectacular scenes that help Australians celebrate their most momentous occasions.

Sometimes, it’s time for a new story. When it comes to satisfying the yearning for wide-open spaces, there is no greater place than the Australian landscape. We set out to ensure that the brand’s communication, from renaming to visual identity and website design, fully utilised this expression.

Pano Tent Hire came to us as Stretched Events – a name that no longer captured the company’s new narrative.  PANO, short for panorama, speaks to the unique product offering of an unbroken 360-degree panorama view.  No matter where they chose to hold their event, Pano’s clients would enjoy the Australian outdoors whilst having the safety and protection of the great indoors.

We teamed up with local designer, Jordan Rowe, in developing Pano’s Visual Identity and Brand Guidelines. The process involved holistic art direction, logo design and determining primary and secondary colour palettes to reflect Pano’s dynamic audience. 

Jordan also worked with DIAZ DAVIS in the redesign of Pano’s website. The aim was to make the site a friendly welcoming space that inspired new leads, showcased Pano’s imaginative capabilities and made it easy for clients to contact the team. Website developer and digital designer Jack Fowler, worked with us to build the site and Melbourne-based illustrator, Steve Gavin, created the custom ‘Panoman’ figure that helped users navigate the site effortlessly.

Every big milestone in life needs to be celebrated and Pano Tent Hire’s mission is to ensure that their clients can do that (anywhere) with ease and peace of mind. 

Our work with Pano resulted in the seamless rollout of unique and personable branding including visual identity, guidelines and communication. Theirs is a story we’ve relished telling and we’re excited to have been part of this most ambitious and inspired project.

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Brand strategy
Context analysis
Visual identity

Events and Entertainment

Strategist Mages Ruiz Diaz
Creative Director Emma J Davis
Identity designer Jordan Rowe
Copywriters Marion Piper Creative, Mona Liban

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