When two equal, yet opposing, forces come together, something intriguing happens. In ancient Yin Yang philosophy, there is a beautiful concept called complementary opposites. An example of this is the relationship between breathing in and breathing out—you cannot have one without the other, and they feed one another in an endless cycle. They are both defined by and for one another.

This is what happened when we, Mages Ruiz Diaz and Emma J Davis, formed DIAZ DAVIS—we realised we weren’t merely two separate people from opposite backgrounds. We both complemented and completed each other creatively. And the trajectory to this union has been one filled with a yearning for a more human-felt existence, one that places emotion and philosophy at the heart of every experience. It’s what we in Western society haven’t been paying attention to in the world, particularly when it comes to brands, their identities and the impact they have on us all as individuals.

Our first invitation to you is to journey with us into the past and take a walk through a few of the projects and experiments we’ve undertaken. It’s a journey through the human senses, one that seeks to reveal a different perspective on brands and how they shape meaning and affect our interpretation of the world around us. Our hope is that by the end of this journey, you’ll understand in more depth what DIAZ DAVIS embodies, and be ready to look at your brand a little differently from now on.

Emma x Mages.

Building brands that feel

DIAZ DAVIS acknowledges the Traditional Custodians of the lands on which we live, create, and work. We pay our deepest respects to the Kulin Nation and all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Elders, past, present and future.