Our approach

Building brands that feel

We are human-felt in our approach to branding and design. How? There are four parts to our process, each with specific methods and deliverables. Take a look...

Brand sensing

Our senses are what allow us to interpret and understand the world. In this phase, we gather the information, insights and inspiration we need to develop your brand. We’re searching for those ‘ah-ha’ moments so we can unearth the true meaning of your brand directly from you and others who have the deepest connection to your mission.

Picture this:
  • Hands-on Discovery Workshops, where we get to the heart of the problem you’re trying to solve
  • Compelling Brand DNA Workshops, where we lead you through a series of thought provoking exercises so you can align on your ‘why,’ ‘what,’ and ‘how’
  • In-depth Four Pillar Audits, where we dive deep into the Communications, Culture, Products, Services and Experiences, and Environments of your brand so we can map a path forward
  • Thorough Industry and Market Research, where we look outwards to your current and ideal audiences to build a solid Market Understanding (a holistic view of the world around you).

Brand thinking

How we think influences how we act. In this phase, we establish the way you’ll use your brand to achieve your goals. As a foundation, we’ll help shape a definition of your brand and the ways in which we want to bring it to life.

Picture this:
  • Competitive Brand Positioning, so you know exactly where you stand as a brand in the market
  • A solid Brand Platform, including brand personality, tone of voice, key messaging and personas, so you’ll know how and when to engage your audience
  • Dynamic Brand Experience Strategy, where we define the role of experience design for your business and how it can drive business goals.

Brand making

As humans, we are fundamentally creators – we make our world and everything in it. In this phase, we deliver tangible creative assets by turning all of the insights and ideas we’ve had into real-world expressions. This is where your brand starts to come to life in a myriad of ways.

Picture this:
  • Thoughtful Brand or Product Naming, where we guide you through a series of exercises and workshops to arrive on the perfect name
  • An arresting Brand Identity, where we translate your brand into logos, colour palettes and design, such as a website, signage and content
  • Strategic Four Pillar Brand Rollout, where we map out key milestones and devise an action plan to launch or relaunch you into market with as little stress as possible.

Brand building

When we build anything, it’s a matter of construction – putting all the pieces together to make something new. In this phase, we take your brand to its audience in new and surprising ways. Our focus is to get you engaged and interacting with your audience, and at the same time cultivating your reputation and brand value.

Picture this:
  • Hard-working Marketing Strategies and Rollout that safeguard growth now, and into the future
  • On-brand Campaign Creative that will cut through the noise and land in the hearts of your audience
  • Customised Digital Experiences, where we take your brand DNA and share it with the world in online content
  • Carefully curated Brand Experiences and Events to activate new products or launch you into new markets
  • Intentional Graphic Design and Packaging Design for your food, home goods or health and beauty products that extends the brand experience.

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